THE SOUNDBOARD: Concerts for the Week of 3/08

Anyone catch The Clientele last weekend? No? Why not? You had something better to do? I doubt it. Well fine. What about Chickens In Love at the echoplex? No again? Oh come on. You people need to start going to these things. Or if you answered yes to those questions and actually go to the shows, why not comment and let us know how they are? Hmmmm? Good!

Ok so I’m pretty sure I made a Big Pink show the pick of the week in the past, so I’m going to take a paragraph or two from that post, but the real band I’m excited about isn’t them. Yes they are headlining, but the show Tuesday night at the El Rey is all about New York’s A Place to Bury Strangers. First things first though.

I love shoegaze. I wish I was around when it was a big deal out of the UK, but I’m happy that it’s starting to creep into new, ‘popular’ music again. The Big Pink are very loosely connected with the genre. I mean they’re signed to 4AD for one thing, which automatically gives you some cred in that style. On occasion they do have that dreamy, kind of wall of sound aspect to their music, but for the most part theyre an electro, noise pop band. Nothing wrong with that, they’re a great band and a worthy headlining act. It’s just that the opener is too exciting.

A Place to Bury Strangers has that shoegaze revival sound and feel to their music. They’re known to blend noise rock, shoegaze, and space rock, all great genres that seemed to have begun to fade out in the early 90s. Fortunately for us we have bands like APTBS (as they’re commonly know, what with such a long full name and all) to start over with a fresh take on older styles. They’ve played with everyone from the legendary Jesus and Mary Chain to NIN to MGMT, so you can kind of get a sense that they appeal to a large, yet specific type of person. They’ll also be playing Coachella this year, so make sure to catch em here in a smaller venue environment before you head off to see em again in Indio. They’re known for being extremely loud live though, so I’d highly suggest taking some ear plugs with you. I know I didn’t bother when I saw a noise rock/shoegaze band last year and I really regretted it…for about four days (and that show was outside.)

As if those two bands weren’t enough, also playing is local act Active Child, an up-and-coming artist who, from what I’ve heard, has an amazing, synthy, kind of dreamy quality to his music. So be sure to go early and check him out.

3/8: Moonrats w/Aska//Adanowsky//Soko at Spaceland. 8:30PM. Free. 21+. (First night of the Moonrats residency. Not sure why they didn’t play last week.)
3/8: The Delta Mirror w/Alexandra Hope//Sister Crayon//Corridor at the echo. 8:30PM. Free. 21+. (Night two of The Delta Mirror residency.)
3/8: Seaspin w/Wild Yaks//Repeater//The Romany Rye at Silverlake Lounge. 9:00PM. Free. 21+. (Seaspin residency. Check em out, they’re pretty cool.)
3/9: Red Tide w/Superhumanoids//Random Patterns//His Orchestra at Silverlake Lounge. 9:00PM. $8. 21+. (Check out our friends bands! They also happen to be pretty good.)
3/9: Laura Veirs w/Old Believers//Cataldo at Spaceland. 8:30PM. $12. 21+. (Real good folk rock.)
3/10: Abe Vigoda w/Lovvers//The Black Apples at the echo. 8:3oPM. $8. 18+. (Fun lineup.)
3/10: Delta Spirit w/We Barbarians//Johnny Corndawg at bootleg. 8:00PM. $12. 21+. (Delta Spirt is a great band.)
3/10: Little Boots w/Dragonette//Class Actress at the El Rey. 8:00PM. $20. All. (Dance away to this cute Brit.)
3/11: Slow Club at Spaceland. 8:30PM. $10. 21+. (Definitely a buzz band. I like what I’ve heard.)
3/11: Dawes w/Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons//Jason Boesel at Troubadour. 8:00PM. $12. All. (Dawes are a great local band with a classic sound.)
3/11: The Cave Singers w/The Dutchess and the Duke//The Moondoggies at the echo. 8:30PM. $12. 18+. (Should be a relaxing evening.)
3/12: The Happy Hollows w/The Veils//Twilight Sleep at Troubadour. 8:30PM. $15. All. (Some good acts here.)
3/13: The Fresh & Onlys w/Wounded Lion//Surf City//Pivot at Spaceland. 8:30PM. $10. 21+. (Nice poppy lineup.)
3/13: Choir of Young Believers w/Great Northern at Bootleg. 10:00PM. $8. 21+. (I’ve been a fan of these guys forever. Great stuff and they’re finally starting to get out here.)
3/13: A Sunny Day in Glasgow w/Pollyn at The Mint. 8:00PM. $13. 21+. (Another great shoegazey act this week.)
3/14: Blessure Grave w/Twin Crystals//Random Cuts at the echo. 10:00PM. $5. 18+. (Part Time Punks!)


WHATThe Big Pink w/A Place to Bury Strangers//Active Child
WHEN: Tuesday, March 9th @ 8:00PM
$$$: $20 (worth it)
Ages: All

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