1st Annual LA Street Food Festival

Interested in street food but don’t hit the streets enough? Street Food Festival is for you. Let the street vendors come to you in one convenient location so you can try all the food trucks your co-workers have bragged about and even sample a thing or two you may have seen on Bourdain. In my humble opinion, this kind of thing defeats the purpose of randomly stumbling upon something unique and delicious and to-be-eaten-with-hands, but I guess convenience is key for most fully-functional adults in the world. LA’s first street food fest is not just a food truck fest- no, no, no- there will be authentic LA street food like coconut fritters, Korean chicken wings, and everything you can imagine from a traditional taco truck, as well as vendors from LA’s Breed Street, like barbecoa and pancakes. There will also be vendors of inedible delights like UniqueLA’s pop-up mini-mart, a DIY den to make your own Valentine’s, a Valentine’s food truck themed photo booth, live entertainment, beer and wine bars (hallelujah), and a bike valet. Man, that’s one jam-packed street fest. Of course, the food trucks are the stars of the show- including The Buttermilk Truck, Grilled Cheese Truck, Sweets Truck, Fresser’s, Frysmith, Slice Truck, Flying Pig, Fishlips, many more and hopefully Coolhaus (can you tell which one is my fave?)!! So hit up those beer/wine bars heavily so that you can eat in full denial. It would make an odd Valentine’s date, but an interesting one at the very least.

*Update: Tickets are $5 at the door or presale. Maximum of 60,000 peeps can attend, so get there on time! I’m confused because some places say they are “giving away tickets” but as I far as I can tell you don’t need tickets.


WHAT: LA Street Food Festival
WHEN: Saturday Feb. 13th 11am-5pm
WHERE: LA Center Studios, 500 S Beaudry Ave
$$$: 5 entry + cash for vendors

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