Show Your Art and Writing

It’s time to take down the I Like You(r Art) collection at the Ragazzi Room and bring some new images to the walls. Do you like to create? Are you a painter, a poet, a closet collager? If you have a painting or two, a photograph or four, maybe even a few framed poems, send jpegs to Not to add any pressure, but we’ve already started filling the space with reprieving favorite local artists: David PhillipsBenjamin Koffman, and Yasmin Alishav.  You don’t need to have a fancy shmancy website or experience to submit and be considered.  We just want to see something you’ve done, something that’s hangable, and something SOON!  If you want to sell your art, wonderful!  The Ragazzi Room asks no commission.
Photo: Liz Ruff
WHAT: Your Art at the Ragazzi Room (Again)
WHEN: As Soon As Possible – Deadline is Wednesday June 17th
WHERE: Ragazzi Room
$$$: free

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