Music Video Premiere Party at Ghettogloss

So one day, I reckon, Allee Willis was looking over her many awards and accolades, listening to her favorite recordings of herself (including “Boogie Wonderland” and all the music for the Broadway smash The Color Purple), and watching VH-1’s Real Chance at Love (for which she wrote the theme song), and she thought to herself, “Gee, Allee, what haven’t I [sic] done? What musical frontier have I yet to explore?” “Well,” she abrubtly answered, “you’ve certainly never done a music video with a 91-year-old woman drummer who requires oxygen to rock out, now have you?”

UNTIL NOW. The folks at Ghettogloss gallery are pleased to present “Hey Jerrie!” featuring the afore-alluded-to Jerrie Thill, who is indeed 91, and who has been playing the drums since Capone’s crew allegedly discovered her in the gall-darn thirties! In her honor, free oxygen will be served from an oxygen bar from 8-10. Cocktails are cheap as always (two dollar suggested donation, and since times are tough I personally won’t think any less of you for suggesting to pay zero dollars), and there’s a beer vending machine there too.


WHAT: Music video launch party w/ oxygen bar
WHEN: 6-midnight on Thursday, February 5th
WHERE: Ghettogloss Gallery in Silverlake
$$$: Free!!

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