Bored and Thirsty: Ragazzi Room

The Ragazzi Room is one of LAs undiscovered cafes. Not only are there plenty of tables and chairs and couches for you to engage in any sort of personal reading/ group leisure you’d be interested in, but the coffee shop also has a pretty complete food menu and a full coffee bar.

Recently, BoredLA and SCribes – Free Read have taken a vested interest in this establishment, and are reaching out to the LA community to help decorate the GIANT brick wall of the cafe with some art.

If you’d like to contribute to the aesthetic experience of the thirsty masses, send an electronic version of your art to You can even put your manifest brilliance for sale if you’d like (the owner asks no commission).

If you’re interested in reserving the space to play some acoustic jams for a bit, you can email the same address and see if the Ragazzi Room can stay open a little later to accommodate the tunes.

Try something new, and unwind with a non-alcoholic beverage, and perhaps play a board game (provided at the shop, it even has a backgammon table!), or enjoy the free wireless internet capability, at the Ragazzi Room. And maybe afterward, if you’re thirsty for something else, you can unwind with an alcoholic beverage next door at Bacaro LA (plenty of wine).

The Ragazzi Room is located just south of Downtown on Union and 24th St. Business hours are usually 7am-7pm, but sometimes it’s open later if there is an event. And boy oh boy will there be events! Stay tuned to BoredLA for the upcoming Your Art opening!

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