best private island honeymoon destinations

Top Private Island Honeymoon Destinations

To newly married lovers, white sand beaches with azure blue waters, sea turtles, and of course the gentle warmth of the sun are alluring honeymoon dreams. After the exhausting job of planning the perfect wedding, many couples choose to book an all-inclusive honeymoon package at a remote island paradise to jumpstart their life together. With so many idyllic private-island resorts available, the only challenge will be singling out just one for your romantic getaway! 

Velaa Private Island, Maldives

Velaa Private Island Resort, located in the Maldives, is a luxury resort that’s perfect for an island romance. This all-inclusive private island has a romantic pool residence suspended above a lagoon that boasts awe-inspiring views of the ocean and is only accessible by boat. 

  • If you are an avid adventure seeker, this private island resort has several hi-tech water sports activities, including flyboarding and electric foil surfboarding. 
  • For the couple who wants to be active on land, you can enjoy a tennis court, squash court, climbing wall, and football pitch. 
  • For a romantic end to a fun-filled day, you can try the spa’s Balinese relaxing massage, outdoor shower, or the Signature Chardonnay Luxury Ritual body scrub. 

Velaa Private Island is perfect for an island honeymoon and is sure to bring joy to all who attend!

The Aerial, BVI

Perhaps one of the most interesting and beautiful private island resorts in the British Virgin Islands is the luxury wellness retreat The Aerial, BVI. For nature lovers who desire to find their center as a couple while enjoying a secluded resort in a tropical paradise, The Aerial, BVI’s offerings are many. 

This stunning island in the Caribbean Sea boasts beautiful eco-buildings, onsite organic gardens, equine therapy, healing food menus, and the famous Redemption Ranch. If you would rather have your own private island during your magical honeymoon trip, The Aerial, BVI offers the entire island for booking complete with exclusive access to rooms, a private beach, activities, and amenities as well as healthy meals created by the head-of-island chef. 

Special honeymoon stories can be made by taking part in the unique option of the Deep Wellness Stay, which focuses on leading you back to your center, unifying your goals, and building your life as a force for good. Each day of the Deep Wellness Stay focuses on strengthening a pillar of your life that you wish to fortify. These pillars include; Mind, Body, Spirit, Relationships, Finances, Impact, and Wellness. 

What better way to spend your honeymoon than focusing your energies together while enjoying one of the best all-inclusive honeymoon destinations in the British Virgin Islands?

Bedarra Private Island Resort, QLD

For couples who are looking for an island resort that is especially hidden, the Bedarra Private Island Resort is a great option. Located on the Great Barrier Reef, this private island in the Pacific Ocean boasts crystal-clear blue waters and pristine white sandy beaches. To enjoy this all-inclusive island resort, you will take a boat or helicopter from Queensland, Australia. 

Bedarra Private Island Resort is perfect for a scuba diving adventure on the coral reef. Rent a private boat and go to the best locations of the Great Barrier Reef for a memorable private island honeymoon adventure. 

For couples who want a different view, consider taking a stroll on a rainforest track that winds through the island, stopping at private beaches or stunning overlooks. If you are looking for white sandy beaches with scuba diving at your fingertips, this private island resort is for you.

Ambergris Cay, Turks and Caicos Islands

Picture this: You and your partner, embarking on a journey to the all-inclusive private island resort of Ambergris Cay in Turks and Caicos for your dream honeymoon. As you step foot onto this pristine paradise, you’re instantly captivated by its breathtaking beauty. 

The sparkling waters stretch endlessly before you, inviting you to indulge in endless swims and water adventures. The powdery sand caresses your toes as you stroll along the secluded beaches, hand in hand. The resort itself embraces you with its luxurious amenities, ensuring that every moment of your stay is infused with romance and relaxation. 

From private villas nestled amidst lush tropical gardens to exquisite fine dining tailored to your desires, Ambergris Cay, Turks and Caicos, caters to your every whim. The tranquility of this all-inclusive island sanctuary allows you and your partner to truly disconnect from the world and bask in each other’s love. Whether you’re savoring a bamboo massage at the exclusive spa or embarking on a private whale-watching experience, Ambergris Cay ensures that your honeymoon is a seamless blend of serenity and adventure. 

So, why settle for anything less than paradise when you can create lifelong memories on this private island retreat? Ambergris Cay, Turks and Caicos, invites you to embark on a honeymoon journey like no other, where love, luxury, and endless bliss await.

Motu Nao Nao, Raitea

Motu Nao Nao in French Polynesia is one of the newest private island resorts. For a truly intimate experience, the resort has three two-person private villas designed by Alain Fleurot. Villa Miri offers a panoramic shower, dressing table, and outdoor bath as well as a separate living area. After a relaxing bath, explore the 75-acre paradise for your own private island dream come true. Dive into the beautiful culture of French Polynesia as you experience the sailing canoe or watch a Tahitian dance. For an all-inclusive private island in the South Pacific, look no further than Motu Nao Nao, French Polynesia.

Islas Secas, Panama

Honeymooners who are also nature lovers are sure to adore Islas Secas, Panama. This all-inclusive island resort in Central America includes 13 untouched romantic private islands. Thanks to the resort’s passion for conservation, it offers a host of activities for a first-hand experience of animal life. 

Start your day with a scuba dive in Coiba National Park and see one of the world’s richest ecosystems. If you are wanting to try your hand at fishing, Islas Secas offers ethical Marlin fishing and works hard to enforce protected marine areas. Other interesting activities that are sure to inspire are whale watching, birding, and nature trails. Islas Secas offers a memorable sunset cruise around the archipelago, allowing you to take in the unforgettable views. 

After the perfect day of outdoor activities, enjoy a little rest and relaxation in Casita Sombras, one of the resort’s private homes. Casita Sombras are actually two treehouse-inspired homes connected by a terrace amongst the trees. You can stroll along a walkway to your own private plunge pool or continue on to a private beach. 

With the breathtaking beauty of nature everywhere you look at Islas Secas, you may find that this group of islands really is one of the best private island resorts.

Cape Fahn Hotel, Thailand

Cape Fahn Hotel in Thailand is an exquisite option for couples who want to get away to paradise even before the honeymoon starts! This resort offers five-star wedding planning and the hotel can accommodate all of your close family and friends. 

The Wedding Terrace provides an open-air option for your ceremony with gorgeous views of the blue horizon, or the Long Dtai Restaurant offers unique southern-Thai fare that will provide a memorable start to your life together. After your wedding ceremony, Cape Fahn Hotel offers several options for celebrations including a buffet, cocktails, and beachfront afterparties under the stars. 

Once the honeymoon officially starts, Cape Fahn Hotel offers many exciting activities for love birds. Take a private Thai dance class, enjoy a luxury “feet in the sea” picnic, practice and watch Muay Thai, take a sunset cruise, or visit the Samui Elephant Refuge. For beach lovers who are feeling really bold, check out the private yacht charter that will take you to a hidden cove where you can enjoy the white sand beaches in peace. 

Taking room service to the next level, Cape Fahn Hotel offers a floating breakfast option in the private pools. Accommodations are wonderful and include the aforementioned private pools plus outdoor showers and views of the crystal-clear blue waters. For an island wedding and honeymoon that is beautiful and exclusive, check out Cape Fahn Hotel.

Como Laucala Island, Fiji

Calling all honeymooners in search of the ultimate romantic escape! Look no further than Como Laucala Island in Fiji, a paradise of unrivaled beauty and intimate moments. Set foot on this idyllic private island, where your love story unfolds against the backdrop of breathtaking tropical islands. 

Imagine retreating to your own secluded villa, complete with a private pool and luxurious amenities. Or wake up to the bright blue water as you float in your overwater bungalow. With all-inclusive packages designed to cater to your every desire, Como Laucala Island ensures that every detail is taken care of. 

Immerse yourselves in the serenity of the island as you stroll hand in hand along pristine beaches, the warm sand caressing your feet. Unwind with a Fijian BOBO massage, a Vichy shower, or an outdoor bath. In the evenings, savor a candlelit dinner under the starlit sky with a delectable feast showcasing the freshest flavors of the region. 

The allure of Como Laucala Island lies not only in its captivating surroundings but also in the genuine warmth of its staff, who strive to create a personalized experience that exceeds your expectations. Allow the romance of this all-inclusive tropical paradise to ignite the sparks of your love, as you embark on a journey filled with cherished memories. Your Fiji honeymoon will help celebrate your love in a most enchanting way.

Enjoy a Magical Honeymoon at the Best Private Island Resorts

According to researchers at Barcelona Institute for Mental Health, walks on the beach help to improve mood and overall mental health, which is just another reason why private island destinations are great places to spend the first few days or weeks of married life. However, with so many romantic private islands and gorgeous beaches at your fingertips, how will you decide where to go? 

When planning your honeymoon, take some time to talk through your honeymoon goals, budget, and dreams, and then reach out to your chosen resort with any questions you may have. Ultimately, the best honeymoon destinations can truly only be chosen by the couples who are celebrating their lives together. And wherever you choose to go for your honeymoon, you’ll have a beautiful experience simply because you are together.

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